Rui Refers to Iran’s retaliation may be on the road, but what will be?


Rui Refers to Iran’s retaliation may be on the road, but what will be?

Rui Refers to Iran’s retaliation may be on the road, but what will be?

Reference message network reported that Iran has suffered two major blows this year, once this year, once the end of the year; the anti-object is a senior official of the military, once a nuclear scientist: January 3, Iran Islamic revolutionary guards Holy City BrigadeThe official Sulmanni was killed in Iraq; November 27, Iran nuclear scientist was regarded as the Fahrzad, which was considered Iran, Robert Aubenheimer, was assassinated.

At the technical level, the two assassinities continued to maintain and strengthen the axis of resistance throughout the Middle East in the entire Middle East, which is not too much in the entire Middle East. Substantial effect. Sulmanni’s successor’s Ismay Kii will continue to promote its unhappy industry, and a new generation of Iranian scientists have long been more advanced, more mature than those who started more than 20 years ago than Fahrzad more. Accept education, training and work in the project. However, for the Situation of the Middle East, the generals of the two are undoubtedly two shocks. About Sulemanni is assassinated, the United States has already claimed; and for the assassination of Fahrzad, no one publicly admits, who is the murderer? The Iranian National Supreme Safety Committee Secretary Ali Shamhani said when funeral of this scientist: The enemy uses a new method, style, and professional and specialized way to successfully achieve its goals. The Iran Fars News Agency reported that Fahrzad’s team was attacked by a remote (satellite) remote control machine gun on a Nissonica. Iran English News TV (PRESSTV) reported that on-site residues showed that Israeli weapons were used to assassinate Iran’s nuclear scientists. In addition, Natania Hu has shown a photo of Fahrzad at a press conference in April 2018, and said that you will write down this name.

After this assassination, the Israeli Prime Minister wrote in social media: I did a lot of things in the week, but I can’t talk. The media interprets his strings. Iranian officials and media reports from the course of events, preparation and use of transport, a large number of high-tech weapons, professional action plan and a strong intelligence support, have reduced step by step suspects range. In addition, since 2007, Said’s expensive, Iran, Iran, Iran, is Israel, and vows to retaliate.

So, how will Iran revenge? The possibility of direct large-scale military confrontation is obviously slight, but Iran does have a battle force.

The American "News Week" commentary that Iran has the largest, most advanced missile library in the Middle East, and the largest standing army, has already met the status of military big country.

Iran’s missile cave is full of fear, its missile range can not only cover the main US objectives in the Middle East (there have been exhibitions in the retaliation of Sulemanni), but also have the ability to combat Europe. In addition, Iran’s large number of artillery, drones, and armed speedboats also have considerable asymmetric combat power. The Global Fire’s 2019 Global Military Index annual list of Iran is 14th, higher than the regional opponent Israel (17th) and Saudi Arabia (25th). After the assassination incident, the Nims aircraft in the United States is returning to the Gulf area, which seems to be prepared for the most pessimistic situation.

Israel and Saudi are of course leaving the Iranian heads of blood, but they have to avoid a heavy consequences of their cities and oil libraries become direct attack targets. In addition, Iran has a lot of options in retaliation in faked others. In Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Iran has a lot of powerful militia allies.

Iran and these allies constitute the so-called Shiite Corridor that Israel has always been happy. Using missiles and drones armed these allies will become the key to the Iranian expeditionary strategy. The most likely, for the most long-term retaliation for Israel is to launch a larger uranium concentration activity in Iran, such as Iran, to develop larger uranium concentration activities, and have a more complete centrifuge and establish additional uranium reserves.

Iran’s highest leader Hamenei has instructed Iranian scientists to continue Facial Science and Technology activities in its active all areas.

While Iran is thinking about the means of retaliation, it is also considering the avoidance of the circle. According to the Associated Press, before Iran, Iran sent a general to Baghdad, warned all the allies of the Middle East, and the Trump government had only a few weeks left, do not give Trump to launch a military blow. Typeful.

In mid-November, the New York Times reported that Trump had proposed the possibility of Iran’s military attacks when meeting with the consultant. Iran is hoped by Biden to help break the deadlock of nuclear problems and get rid of isolation sites. Today’s assassination event makes Biden’s recovery and the Iranian dialogue plan more complicated. In particular, if the Iranians implement direct military retaliation, Trump has an excuse to return to the next January, and it is not only the wreck of diplomatic documents, but the trouble will be much more. Mark Fitz Patrick, the US State Council, wrote in Twitter: Self-killing Fahrzad’s purpose is not to hinder the economic development of Iran, but hinder diplomacy. Today, the Russian TV station comments are more straightforward, and the assassination of nuclear scientists is Israel’s strategy, the purpose is to force the US Presidents that may be elected to give up diplomacy and choose military action to deal with the Iranian core heart.

Iran ‘s opponents are forced to make a choice between the desire to retaliate and the pragmatic intention of the isolation situation.

Of course, the power of the Iranian folk call for strong revenge is an important factor in need to consider, and the government will give the nationals anyway. Iran’s response will determine the ultimate goal of this situation, and its retaliation may be on the road. All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.


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