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The total transaction volume of the Yangtze River Delta International Fair is over 100 million yuan to promote national fitness to promote sports consumption.

The total transaction volume of the Yangtze River Delta International Fair is over 100 million yuan to promote national fitness to promote sports consumption.

  From November 20th to 22nd, the Yangtze River Delta International Sports Leisure Expo was held at Jinhua Sports Center.

More than 300 companies from the Yangtze River Delta, more than 1,000 professional buyers were purchased on site, with a total transaction volume of over 100 million yuan. The Yangtze Triangle Body Expo is carried out in a sports leisure industry, has been successfully held in 10 sessions.

The fair pays attention to the "sports integration" characteristics, concentrate on the development of the long-range sports leisure industry, aims to cultivate the updated sports industry, and more prosperous sports markets, and in turn to promote national fitness and promote sports consumption. According to reports, the total exhibition area of ??this fair has more than 40,000 square meters, divided into five major regions of exhibition business district, sports service agency, sports goods, competition activities, and RV meeting.

During the exhibition period, 20 activities such as China Changda Sports Industry Summit, China Sports Brokers Training Course, 2020 Jin Liquan E-Competition, Fencing Invitational Tournament, Sports Program Exhibition. In addition, the exhibition integrates into live tape modes for the first time, and realizes the depth integration underline.

  In recent years, Jinhua has vigorously develops sports industry, actively cultivates, introduces sports brand event activities, and the increase in sports industry accounts for the proportion of GDP, and the province’s first, sports equipment manufacturing, and sales industry are in the forefront of the province.

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Quickly review "Starbucks" was hit by crushing

Quickly review "Starbucks" was hit by crushing

Starbucks incidents hit the "Starbucks" that is universally existed. On December 13, there was a report that reporters found many food safety issues in two Starbucks stores in Wuxi, such as the expiration of the ingredients, but also made a variety of best-selling drinks sold; supervisors, clerk "words" tamper quality period Some ingredients were "extended" for a week; and the second day secretly put it on the next day.

These problems have no self-branding standards for the Starbucks who have been "industry ceiling", and the outside world does not know, but obviously, Starbucks have already felt big things. At noon on the same day, Starbucks China official Weibo released news stated that it has been concerned about the report of the two stores of Wuxi Xingbark, deeply shocked. "The two stores have been closed at the first time, and they immediately launched in-depth investigations." Starbucks themselves stipulates that the owners are self-examination every day, at least one third-party assault, 20% of the 20% store will accept the second Second flight inspection, but there is still no problem. A city has two Starbucks store out, the proportion is not small.

I don’t know what the so-called survey is investigated. Is it a "ceiling" level investigation? Obviously, Starbucks may have a confidence in their own store management. This is the "superstition" that should be broken. Indeed, as the management model of the only camp refused to join, it seems to have an advantage existence. However, in the case of strict assessments by the turnover and profit margin, the store is completely subjected to the rules, and the expiration of the expired ingredients will inevitably affect the performance of the store. If the store is eased, it is not lacking the motivation. It should be reminded that in 2015, Starbucks have been reported to "live insect" moon cake events by the media.

On the consumer complaint platform in China, there is a odor for Starbucks coffee, causing discomfort after drinking less than a small number.

As a world-leading coffee brand, I admit that my management mechanism is a serious vulnerability, not just "individual stores" problems, accidentally being burst, naturally it is very difficult, but this is a must.

Starbucks must realize that the management model of ourselves, if not doing great motion improvement, it is difficult to avoid the explosion of similar problems. The incident is also very obvious to consumer psychology. Many fans can’t believe that such a big brand can also have problems.

This simple "superstition" perspective explained that the blind trust of comes with the "Jin Guang" brand may hurt itself.

Quality control level, and brand size has no absolute relationship. The small workshop can create a delicious safety food, and large companies may also have repeatedly "turned". Consumers are only rational, scientific and recognized, and active rights protection is a topic.

More importantly, this matter via the media unannounced visit to the stone.

This once again reminded the relevant regulatory authorities, do not relax the supervision of large brands and "foreign brands". In recent years, with the supervision of relevant fields, some famous enterprises have been sent to the "black list" of food safety.

In fact, the consciousness of large enterprises is also reliable. Under the premise of managing poor management, supervision, the so-called "ceiling level" may also be a paper tiger.

Only continue to increase supervision, relying on consumer support and cooperation, actively take the initiative to keep all kinds of clues, track the root of the problem, put a false model "store", can contain chaos, still Consumers have fair. At present, the relevant departments have already launched actions, which is expected.

I hope such actions are not just sports battles, a wind.

For a long time, Starbucks have been highly respected. But it is worth reminding that there is no "God" in the field of food safety.

Once it is sent to "altights", maybe not a good thing.

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Refined "three big packages" from the stone area, poverty alleviation

Refined "three big packages" from the stone area, poverty alleviation

In 12 townships (streets) involved from the Stone area, the number of poverty benefits from the caregiver is invisible.

In recent years, the district has made employment entrepreneurs as an important starting point of achieving stable and spilling, helping the universities, grasping the solid work of skills training, poverty alleviation work, public welfare position resettlement, refining "skill training + poverty alleviation workshop + public welfare position "Package, doing finely and poverty alleviation."

Up to now, the accumulated training of 2832 people in poverty, driving 4,644 poverty labor.

Skills training to solve poor households "I am difficult" to teach people to give people fish. By carrying out skill technology training, the stone area is carried out to make rural poor labor to achieve huge transitions from "selling hard work" to "eating" with technology. Since this year, the district has opened the "Luliangshan Materials] Training Experts, establishing" Hui Kang Admixant "skill brands, will participate in the training of care worker training and obtain the skill certificate, the poor labor force, the local nursing home, Kang The center and urban area of ??66 communities, the district government took out a certain amount of funds to pay in the form of employment in the form of the government, which solved the employment of poor labor through the training and skills training, and solved the township street. The needs of communities, nursing homes, and day care centers.

Give a 12 township (town), street office Human Resources Service Center, responsible for receiving and unreachabled workers and skills training, strengthening the degree of labor output organization, and effectively stabilizing poverty Labor’s wages. At the same time, it will include Easy to relocate labor and poor labor into the national skills improvement project, and identify 27 training majors in 9 winning bid training institutions, prioritize the local entrance to the local entrance to participate in the site at home.

At present, online skills training is being carried out. In addition, the area relies on the professional skills platform on the line to learn the professional skills training platform for strong country platforms, workers’ skills learning platforms, and is free to implement key courses for workers.

Skill training is carried out by flexible forms such as online live, video recording, online interaction.

Building a platform to solve the poor household "seeking difficult" how to make the easy-to-relocation labor and poor labor to achieve "moving, stable, can get rich"? The rope area has been explored through the continuous practice, giving their own answers.

"The poverty alleviation workshop is built at home, but I can not only be employed at home, earn money to subsidize home, but also take care of the family, this is a big fact that the party and the government have done for us.

"Recently, the family lived in the poor of Majiacun resettlement in Tianjiahui Street. Liu Bao Xiao is in China magnetic Shangshan Technology Co., Ltd. poverty alleviation engineering, mainly engaged in electronic products to winding processing, with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan. There are more than 383 people in the workshop from the stone area, like Liu Zhu, is more than 383 people. It is reported that this year will take the initiative to divert the four labor intensive poverty alleviation works this year. According to the employment needs, it is recommended to recommend easy to relocate labor and poor labor. Nearly employment in the ground.

At present, there are more than 383 workshops, of which China magnetic Shangshan Technology Co., Ltd. has been developed 100, and Hyde Traditional Craft Development Co., Ltd. absorbs 190, Jane Food Co., Ltd. absorbs 93. At the same time, to all townships and streets release "Notice on the Poverty Alleviation of Poverty Alleviation Workshops", and actively recommend poverty labor. At the same time, from the Stone District, the "online spring breeze action" and employment assistance activities are organized to build a supply and demand service platform for the majority of laborers. It is also recommended to recommend poor labor employment and easy relocation of labor. At present, 108 household workers (units) have been collected, providing more than 3,300 jobs. Public welfare position resettlement solves the public welfare positions provided by the poor "employment difficult" "government, so that I can make money at the door, I am happy!" Feng Yueming is a forest man in Tang Zhen Village, Red Eye-seek Township. As a poor household, he cherishes the post of this ropes.

It turned out that Feng Yueming was mainly based on nurses, and all spending can only rely on him. In his heart, I have always hope to find a stable job and let a family live a good day.

On the occasion of Feng Yueming, the Wishi District combined with its will, provided him a public welfare position.

Feng Yueming successfully became a forest staff and can receive 800 yuan for salary per month.

"The government given by the government, I will definitely cherish it." Feng Yueming said happily, this job not only gave him a stable income, but also made him more worthy, and harvested full of happiness. Today, work hard to work, go home, caught the cattle, let Feng Yueming feel very fulfilled.

It is understood that in order to solve the "difficulty", it is preferentially solves the labor or poor labor or poor labor of the Poverty alleviation by the establishment of the Yulin Cooperative, the government to develop public welfare position, the provincial employment poverty alleviation. At present, 362 public services have been developed, including 106 photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station administrators, 237 forest guards, and 19 new employment poverty alleviation. (王燕华) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Chang Huizhong).


Single red gene deepened party history learning education

Single red gene deepened party history learning education

The Hohhot City Turki Fire Brigade is constantly innovative in the education of party history, focusing on the vectors, profoundly drawing from the heavy red cultural resources, and uses the glorious history to cultivate the initial mission, with red culture inherit the red gene, with beliefs The light is full of fighting, promoting the integration of party history and education into daily, and caught frequently, and constantly walked. Online Line Undergraduate Party Mammmills Party History Thoughts Since the Learning Education of Party Since, Sales Zuoqi Fire Brigade deeply grasps the goal requirements of party history education, focus on history, school history, school history, school history, strengthen organization Leadership, standardized system mechanism, innovative learning form, comprehensive mobilization and inspiring all guidelines, the enthusiasm of the party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, through the young cadres and party history, Party organization secretary Party member comrades exchange learning experience, watching red theme movies and other forms to deepen party history learning education; fully rely on "learning strong countries", fire rescue bureau political division flame, blue and political energy, corner, North China Flame Blue Political Pioneer, etc. Platform strengthening online learning; actively uses carriers such as fire cultural promenade, promotional columns, and build a learning position with fire rescue team, the online line is the same, ensuring that party history learning education works a good step, open the bureau.

The focus mission party history service is a private practical study in the education of party history, and the Zuosheng Fire Brigade actively tree has become a good orientation. The people are newly expected, focus on the problem of the masses, and carry out "I do practical things for the masses". " Practice activities, through comprehensive fire rescue technology services to help optimize business environment as an opportunity to actively help social units solve fire safety problems; vigorously strengthen the fire hazard rectification of the old communities and other places, and carry out the fire safety hazard investigation of electric vehicles. Synchronize 100% of the 35 residential communities to complete the fire truck channel governance work; carefully organize social fire rescue knowledge promotion, in-depth property community, residential residential, and community micro fire station to carry out various forms of training activities; continue to deepen the special rectification of fire safety Three-year action; actively practice volunteer service, carry forward the glorious tradition of politics and love, walk into the Glorious Court, and the old Red Army warrior, listen to the revolutionary battle experience, help solve the difficulties, and effectively carry out the party history education, for the people’s real thing The task requirements have been implemented in specific actions.

Inheritance Gene Study Party History Red Education Development Bureau for in-depth development of distinctive party history, Tu Zuoqi fire brigade relying on the rich red resource advantage of the Inner Mongolia revolutionary cradle, highlighting in the education education in party history Resources, through organizing all the warfares to pay tribute to Ulantov, watching the glory of the Wulanc Comrade, the revolutionary deeds of the revolutionary activities, and also entered the Turummer revolutionary process, and feel the strength of the Turummer revolution, From the glorious history, the initial mission of cultivating the firefighting team will engrave the red gene in the heart, incentive, all the warmen are more firm inheritance of the revolutionary tradition, and truly do the warmth of the party and the government in the service of the people, and constantly improve the security of the people. Get feelings and happiness. (Zhang Xing) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).


The first three seasons of Guangzhou office buildings and retail business increases continue to rise

The first three seasons of Guangzhou office buildings and retail business increases continue to rise

The economic development of a city can also be reflected from the trading volume of commercial real estate.

A few days ago, the industry’s professional institutions Dade Liang, the Grounding Institute issued the third quarter of this year, Guangzhou commercial real estate market data, showing that the first three quarters of this year, the number A office building and retail commercial properties in Guangzhou continue to rise. Industry insiders believe that this is more relevant to market confidence in addition to market supply increases.

The Guangzhou office market is still showing its tough this year.

Despite the new projects in the first three quarters, it comes into the market, which has brought more than 40,000 square meters of new supply for the market, but Guangzhou office rents did not have a structural effect. According to the data, the Guangzhou office rental ring in the third quarter is only slightly lower than the percentage point, stabilized in the level of Yuan / square meters.

Under the continued recovery of Guangzhou economy and the supply of new supply, the net absorption amount of Guangzhou Grade A office building has reached the highest level in the same period in the past five years. Data show, during 2017-2020, the annual net absorption amount and the average annual new supply amount of Guangzhou Grade A office buildings and the average annual new supply amount, and the two quarters in the first three quarters of this year are already Square and 10,000 square meters. In recent years, Guangzhou Grade A office supplies and absorbance is professional, financial industry, TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) remains the main demand.

Among them, the professional service industry has accounted for the first, and it expands a percentage point in the second quarter.

Industry tenants represented by the law institutions are relocated to a larger or higher office space, such as Yingke Law Firm rent, nearly 4,000 square meters of office in Guangzhou Zhou Dabu Financial Center. In the first three quarters, the main industry leasing area of ??Guangzhou office buildings is on the other hand, although TMT has declined in the third quarter, but the demand for expansion is more from the growth of Internet and technology companies, such as quick hands. Rent upcoming Guangzhou Pingyun Square 5,000 square meters Office for rents. Driven by this, Pearl River New Town and Pazhou have become two regions with the highest net absorption of the first three quarters.

The new crown epidemic in this year has repeatedly, and the supply and demand in Guangzhou’s retail commercial properties remain balanced. In the first three quarters of 2021, the net absorption amount of this type of property was a new supply of more than 10,000 square meters, vacant. The rate is reduced to%.

The rent is relatively stable, the highest level of high-quality retail properties in the city, the average rent is more than the 100% point to the yuan / square meter month, among which the sports center business district and the white cloud business district are more active, and the rent is percentage points and a percentage point. Guangzhou’s core business circle traffic continues to grow, although the vacancy rate of more than half of the shopping center is declining (such as a number of business matters of Tianhe Road Business Circle), but there are still nearly 40% of shopping central vacancy rates in high, business operations Differentiation, which means that market risks still exist, and future consumer markets will have higher requirements for commercial carriers. Dai De Liang believes that using high-quality cultural art aesthetics to shape the benchmark type, card-type consumer scene, upgrade three-dimensional consumer content with diversified cross-border composite industry, and use technology empowerment quality to make the consumption form more convenient, will be expected to let Guangzhou business Get more business opportunities and help to achieve high quality consumption goals in Guangzhou.


The first sea trial for the Indian domestic aircraft carrier

The first sea trial for the Indian domestic aircraft carrier

The construction progress was dragged and dragged India’s first domestic aircraft carrier "Wickland" finally in the sea on August 4, and started the first sea test. Indian New Delhi TV (NDTV) website reported on August 4th, the first domestic domestic aircraft carrier "Wickland" started the first sea trial on the same day.

The Indian Navy spokesperson said in this tweet, "This" is a proud historical moment for India ", especially the aircraft carrier represents the" Indian manufacturing "initiative to move forward.

The spokesperson also said: "India has joined the ranks of the country with the ability to independently design, build and integrate advanced aircraft carriers, despite the challenge of new crown epidemics, India still reached this milestone.

"Report said that India’s Minister of Defense, Singer, said in June this year," Wickland "aircraft carrier will serve in next year, and will increase the operational capacity of the Indian Navy, combat scope and versatility.

Singh has said that after mounting this aircraft carrier: "These combat capabilities, combat scope and versatility will enhance our country’s strong defense capabilities and help ensure the interests of India in the sea." He added: " The first domestic navigator is serviced next year, which will be a tribute to the 75th anniversary of India. "According to the previous report," Wickland "can carry 30 players (including shipborne fighters and helicopters), the aircraft carrier The whole length is 263 meters, the width is 63 meters, with a total of 15 layers of deck, with a drain of 40,000 tons, relying on 4 gas turbines as motivation, and the highest speed can reach 30. Although the Indian media regards the first sea trial of the "Victor" aircraft carrier as an important milestone, it is actually the construction progress of this aircraft carrier is far behind the original plan.

"India Express" reported on June 20th, the Hai T trial of the Indian domestic aircraft carrier "Wiklant" is scheduled to be completed earlier this year, but it is affected by the new championship. The progress is delayed.

According to the report, the anchorage test of the "Wickland" aircraft carrier has been completed on November 30 last year, but the sea trial plan was further postponed, and the aircraft carrier initially plans to try this year.

A source confirmed the current state of the "Victor".

"The sea trial original plan is completed earlier this year, but due to the influence of new crown epidemic, the work that can be completed is delayed.

"As early as May last year, the Indian naval sources said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused the sea trial of this aircraft carrier to postpone 6 months, if the epidemic related limit measures continue to be delayed, the time may be longer. India" Clant "The aircraft carrier initially plans to serve in 2018, but the construction progress is dragged again. This aircraft carrier began to build a keel in 2009. At the end of 2011, the aircraft carrier has taken the dock to other ships. Then return to the dock and continue to build; in August 2012, "Victor" officially underwater, but only 30% of the work, the Lian Shippaper is not installed. In the process of subsequent construction, the progress is very slow, and The cost is also high in water.

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The third ice and snow sports meeting in Hebei Province set off a new climax of ice and snow movement

The third ice and snow sports meeting in Hebei Province set off a new climax of ice and snow movement

The news conference site. People’s Network Zhou Bo Repair People’s Network Baoding December 6th (Yuan Zigong) As of now, 4046 communities in Hebei hold the ice and snow sports meeting, covers more than 90%; build 2877 in the park, shopping malls, enterprise store ice and snow sports experience zones "The Ice and Snow Caravan" walked 5601 administrative villages, set off a new climax of grassroots ice and snow sports … On December 6, Zhang Zefeng, Party Secretary, Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, held in the press conference held in the Provincial Government Information Office Introduction, Hebei will work hard to do the third ice and snow sports meeting, continue to drive the ice and snow movement to the grassroots, go to the school, go to the community, to the countryside, ensure that the province of 30 million people at the end of the province will participate in the ice and snow moving goal.

"The opening ceremony of the 3rd Ice Snow Games in Hebei Province is scheduled to hold the scientific research base (outdoor) of the national festival ski training research base (outdoor) in Baoding City, December, and the closing ceremony is intended to be held in Huazhong Holiday Hotel, Baoding City (indoor) "Zhang Zefeng said, during the period, the Ice Snowport Exhibition of Hebei Province will be held, Baoding’s 3rd Ice Snow Games and" Welcome Winter Obate Snow Carnival "launching ceremony, and organized the masses of ice and snow sports to promote the promotion of on-site viewing activities. According to reports, this year, Hebei has been based on the "five full coverage" of the Ice Snow Games, Indoor Skating Hall, Ice Sports Association, Ice and Snow League, and Ice Sports into the Campus. Through the layering, do a good job in the third ice and snow sports meeting in Hebei Province. Up to now, Hebei City, county two-level ice and snow sports meeting has held a competition 4636; Zhangjiakou, Hengshui, Dingzhou, Xinji, Xiongan New District, etc. 5, and 84 counties (city, district) held the third session. The opening ceremony of the Ice Snow Games; the Ice and Snow League hosted by the provincial, municipal, county three-level sports department and the education department, has completed 1753 games since September … In addition to the layering, Hebei is also launched in the province. "Ice and Snow Caravan" Baicheng Qianwan Village Tour Experience Activity, "Ice Caravan" is equipped with ice and snow equipment such as land curling, ice ceiling, VR ski simulator, into the grassroots rural and community. It is reported that at present, the provincial, municipal and county sports systems United provinces and municipal industrial and commercial links have formed more than 500 "ice and snow cars", "Ice and Snow Caravan" into the countryside, set off a new climax of grassroots ice and snow sports.

Zhang Zefeng said that the people of the people "home" community ice and snow sports meeting, the people around the people, the park, shopping malls, store ice and snow sports experience area and the "campus ice and snow season" activities that are welcome everywhere, let the ice and snow The exercise walks into thousands of households, becoming a special life of the Hebei people, letting the ice and snow movement deep into the heart, and came out of the road with the development of ice and snow in Hebei.

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The whole line of the water-saving project tunnel in Nandhiwan District, Taizhou is expected to be in June 2022.

The whole line of the water-saving project tunnel in Nandhiwan District, Taizhou is expected to be in June 2022.

  On the morning of December 2nd, Taizhou Baishi Rock Tunnel all along the line, marking the whole line of the water-water tunnel group in the southern bay district of Taizhou City.

  Baizhangni tunnel is the longest one of the eight tunnels in the southern part of Taizhou City. The main hole is 7863 meters. It is located in Wenling City, Taizhou. village.

  "Let’s go back to the bottom of the bottom and then work for concrete lining.

After the lining, the tunnel progresses, there is a steel lining to be installed. After the installation is completed, it is connected to the pipe import and export to form a communication.

"The relevant person in charge of Taizhou Water Company said," We took a record one by one before the project was blasting, and the bamboo row and curtain were set in front of the hole, and the sound absorbing cotton was installed on the cave. After the break is completed, we immediately survey and evaluate the housing of nearby residents and minimize the impact of the project on the surrounding environment. "Water-water project in Nandawan District, Taizhou, is another major people’s livelihood project in Taizhou, after the construction of Taizhou City. The project started construction in November 2018, which was listed as a provincial key project. The project takes a Changtan Reservoir, The Zhuxi Reservoir is the water source. It is the starting point of Tangtang Village, Huangyan District, Taizhou, and accesses the original water line of Taizhou City, passing through Taizhou Wenling City, Yuhuan City.

In Wenling City Daxi Town, the interface is water supply to Wenling, in the new water purification plant in Qingang Town, Yuhuan City, and access the Jade Ring City Clear Pipe Network. Recently designed water supply scales 150,000 tons / day, and finally 300,000 tons / day. The original water water supply line is a long bus, of which the total length of the tunnel is about 17 kilometers long. The total length of the pipeline is approximately 17 kilometers.

  The two major water-water projects are sprinting the goal of basic construction of the main project before the end of the year.

Taizhou Nanbwan District Poluspension Project is scheduled to simultaneously build water in June 2022. At that time, Taizhou Nanzhu will form "three vertical and three horizontal" and the north and south mutual-supply pattern will be greatly satisfied with Taizhou Bay District Construction. With the use of water demand, effectively solve the problem of water supply in Wenling, Yuhuan and other places.

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Twee Liaocheng Science and Technology Workers wonnen de National Technology-uitvindingen

Twee Liaocheng Science and Technology Workers wonnen de National Technology-uitvindingen

  (Reporter Yuan Yu) op de 2020 National Science and Technology Award-conferentie gehouden op 3 november, Academician, Chinese Academie voor Engineering, Peking University Digital Video Code Technology, National Engineering Laboratories Sleuteltechnologie van Primitive Codec won National Technology uitvindingen.

Op 4 november heeft de verslaggever in het interview geleerd dat de twee leden van het Technical Research and Development Team, Professor Marswei, Wang Yuxian, de Yixian-mensen in Liaocheng City zijn.

  MA SI, Wang Wei, afgestudeerd uit 1995 en 1999, respectievelijk van de Yixian, en de postshire van Gao Wen.

Gao Wen Academician leidde het team om te studeren videocodec-sleuteltechnologie 19 jaar, leidde de AVS-serie standaard met onafhankelijke intellectuele eigendomsrechten en bevorderde de belangrijkste technologie in het videodeel van mijn land om complete autonomie te bereiken, de wereldleiders. Wetenschap en technologiekrant is ideaal voor deze twee Liaocheng-wetenschappelijke en technologische werknemers. Toen Ma Swei een verslaggever ontving, werd gezegd dat de nationale technologie-inventieve eerste prijs de nationale hoogste prijs is in de technische uitvinding, die de eer zal koesteren, persistente inspanningen levert op de onderzoeksweg en technologie gebruiken om de industrie en het voordeel te gebruiken de mensen.

De prijs is vol feest en staat aan onze teamwetenschappelijke onderzoeksresultaten.

Wang Yuxian zei dat de onderzoeksresultaten van het team veel worden gebruikt, ondersteunt de eerste 4K- en 8K Ultra HD-kanalen van mijn land. In de toekomst zal het team 5G en AI-technologie integreren onder leiding van Gao Wen, de toepassing van Ultra HD-videotechnologie in andere velden verder uitbreiden.

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Resolutely keep the scale of the model return to the bottom line to hand over a qualified answer with excellent results

Resolutely keep the scale of the model return to the bottom line to hand over a qualified answer with excellent results

  On the morning of November 15, after listening to the province’s consolidation of expanding the expansion of the poverty, the city, the city then held a meeting to implement the spirit of the province, arranged the deployment of the next step.

Zhang Lei Ming, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking, the Mayor Zhao Wenfeng made a work deployment, and the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Hongyu, the current work and the existence of current work. Zhang Lei Ming emphasized that after recent time, through the whole city, we will work together to consolidate the spiritual state of expanding the outstanding achievements, and the atmosphere of the unclear is gradually strong.

But there are still some problems and insufficient problems, never slant, loose, must be elite, in the bureau, responsibly, and constantly consolidate improvement of poverty alleviation results, resolutely keep the roll back to the bottom line, excellent Results to the party and the people hand over a qualified answer. First, it is clear to clear, and I realize it.

The assessment of consolidating the poverty reduction is the major decision-making deployment made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is also a vivid portrayal of the party’s services to the people’s service. All sectors should stand on politics, according to the central, provincial committee decision-making deployment and the requirements of the municipal party committee, high-quality completion of the tasks of the expansion of poverty.

Second, it is necessary to clear the focus and make up the short board.

It is necessary to firmly grasp the focus, focus on "two unfair three guarantees", residents’ income, safety drinking water, and post-assessment of 19 assessment content, and go all out to carry out the spreading big investigation, big rectification, great improvement Make sure the problem is dynamically clear, and the short board is fully completed. Third, it is necessary to compact responsibility and supervise the place.

We must strengthen the municipal coordination coordination responsibility, the main responsibility of the party committees of all levels, the industry sector policy implements responsibility, resident responsibility in the village, the responsibility bundle, the same prize, the same penalty, and the pressure. To strengthen the training guidance, strengthen supervision and inspection, to the cadres who have lost them in critical moments, unconventional selection of people; for adverse effects in the post-assessment, resolutely see people, and hold accountability.

  Zhao Wenfeng pointed out that we must do a good job of dynamic monitoring, improve the poor poor and rivers insurance monitoring system, and do it to help. To do a good job in the policy, focus on "two unfair three guarantees", quickly carry out the problem of investigation and rectification. To do a good job in stable income, effectively expand farmers’ employment income channels to ensure that the masses have a stable income and get rich. To do a good job after the disaster reconstruction, speed up the progress, strict supervision, and do quality and quantity, instructuring insurance. To do a good job in the problem rectification, strict discipline, keep on all kinds of feedback and supervision research, self-examination and self-correction, and doing real-related realism, symptoms of specimens, and promote work with the problem.

It is necessary to grasp the precision help, with responsibility, with the feelings of work, do a good job, and do the true help, effectively improve the sense of acquisition and satisfaction.

  City leaders Yang Kejun, Yue Jieyong, Wang Zhi, Liu Jiang attended the meeting.

  The meeting was held in a video form, and there was a sub-venue for consolidating the county (city, district) of the expansion of the poverty.

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